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Miniature Basset Hounds
New Breed

Miniature basset hounds do not require an excessive amount of exercise, but should be taken for a couple of walks on a leash each day. It's best to let them sleep inside at night (despite the snoring). They do not shed a great deal, and do not require constant grooming. Although, like most dogs, they'll enjoy the attention that a good grooming provides.
Miniature basset hounds, as well as the standard size hounds, make loving pets. They are exceedingly friendly and loyal, excellent with children, and probably the most calm and relaxed dog you're ever apt to meet. They are good watchdogs, as they will usually bark at strangers or intruders, but rarely do anything beyond that.  They are an excellent hunting dog, and sometimes used for hunting rabbits. In Europe, they were at one time used to hunt badgers.
Miniature Basset Hounds are 10-14 inches at the shoulder and weigh 10-35 lbs. They do come in the same colors as standard basset hounds. They are more prone to the same health risk as a standard basset hound. For this reason we do not offer breeding rights of our miniature basset hounds. At this time we only offer breeding rights to our standard puppies

Note: Due keep in mind that this is a new breed we have created and are continuously working on improving this new breed of basset hounds to be as healthy and happy as possible. These dogs are bred to be companionship size dogs not hunters. We hope to introduce this new breed of basset hounds to AKC very soon when we have perfected the breed as much as  possible.